Track Renewable Natural Gas from Producer to End-User

RNG Assurance provides verification and validation of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) production and Renewable Natural Gas Attributes (RNG-A).

We do on-site engineering review, audit, and certification of RNG production. We maintain long-term tamper-proof records of production and custody of RNG.

RNG Assurance protects the authenticity and transparency that are foundational to buy, sell, and use RNG.

RNG is often utilized in locations far-removed from where it is produced. The process of RNG verification and validation assures customers that the RNG they buy comes from a non-fossil source. In addition, the exact characteristics of the RNG are preserved with integrity all the way to the final consumer.

Compliance Process

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RNG Assurance works in the private, voluntary market, where transactions for RNG occur which are not by programs such as EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard.

RNG Assurance supports the integrity of this market by using chain of custody software for tracking verified RNG production, intermediary ownership, transfer of ownership, finally hosting of RNG-A retirement, or combustion, and certifies for public proof.

The sale of physical gas is independent of RNG-A chain of custody so producers can realize the current market value for the pure energy content of the gas. This, in addition to the green attributes, greatly increases the value of RNG that is produced.

RNG Assurance has a duty to maintain the integrity of the production, sale, and purchase of RNG and RNG-A. By providing third-party validation, parties involved in transactions gain additional security. RNG Assurance contributes to the growth of this important green energy market by assuring the authenticity of product and transparency of the process.

RNG Assurance adds value to both the RNG producer and the end customer, by impeccably preserving and ensuring the legitimacy of RNG and RNG-A.

Chain of Custody